Greenduniya called Walk IN for Marketing Executives

Greenduniya called Walk IN  for Marketing Executives

JobCode:  GDJC#2

Position : Marketing Executives 

No of Positions: 4 

Date:   Oct 19th , 20th

Qualification:  Any Bachelor degree with Marketing Skills/Strategies

Required:  Passion in Green Development &  Environment protection 

Job Description: 

  1. Market the green message through advertising
  2. Promote the green aspect(s) of the company brand
  3. Initiate market research, and use the results to recommend green product improvements and initiatives
  4. Make recommendations for green product packaging, including representation of green certifications and value claims
  5. Make recommendations on improving the green aspect of upstream processes (such as resource extraction) and downstream effects (such as reusability and recycling)
  6. Use a variety of methods (including interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups) to gather data on customers’ perceptions of the greenness—and trustworthiness—of a company’s products and brand
  7. Identify the demand for a green product in terms of how much more customers are willing to pay for the product’s green qualities
  8. Identify which green qualities (i.e. low energy use, low carbon footprint, sustainability, recycling, composting) are of the greatest value to consumers
  9. Analyze data, employing statistical methods and software; and communicate findings to their organization, using charts, graphs, and other means

  • Author: Greenduniya
  • Date: 18-Oct-2016
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